3D printed cups

Is it safe to make use of 3D printed cups?

The printed cups always hold a special place among the youth and some of the people have the hobby of collecting 3d printed cups.

Most of them like to drink beverages and the coffee in the cups is not a big deal but when you are drinking the 3d printed PLA cups it is safe but to produce the attractive color some of the chemicals were mixing up with them they are not safe for health.

The PLA is the type of plastic and some of the plastic contain nuclear waste also. Is that safe to drink out of a 3d printed cup, the answer will be that always depends on the material that your cup made of.

The 3d printed cups are trending one and it will be gifted for some occasion in these modern days. Get the knowledge on the 3d printed cups that you are purchasing.


The PLA is a bioplastic derived material and when you are making use of that natural or pure polyplactic acid in cup printing it is advisable to make use of it. Because lactic acid is one of the important components of the human body.

The lactic acid is also [present in the trace amount in the breast milk of the mother. The safety of drinking from 3d printed cup is the main thing that you have to consider before start using it.

To know their activity various tests were performed like the different food products and the liquids are tested in the 3d printed cups. They have analyzed the reaction of the foods at a very high temperature.

The scientist makes the study over the PLA plastic whether they are safe or not in human health and the results were positive, make using of the PLA is safe and when they react with the food materials it doesn’t produce any type of complex reaction. By this, they concluded that it is safe in drinking liquids in it.

The 3d plastic printed cups are better to make use but they are not suitable ones for the kitchenware. It is advisable to make use of it for a few times but it should be used for a long period because it may lead to different health issues.

Final thoughts:

When you are purchasing the 3d printed cups you have to be very careful and know that from which substance that the cups are made from by this you could come to know how to make use of them.