Do I need an optical cable with HDMI?

The main use of the HDMI cable is taken audio from the Blu-ray players, game console and set up boxes into the television. If you want to connect to the new AV receiver or soundbar, you can use HDMI or optical audio.

Generally, you can connect the devices to the home theater in many ways. But the best and latest way is to use the optical cable with HDMI. The HDMI can able to hold both audio and video. Let’s see the comparison between the optical cable and HDMI.

Optical cable vs HDMI

The most famous way to connect your device to your home theatre system is optical cable and HDMI. The HDMI can able to carry both audio and video but the optical cable can able to carry only audio.

Another additional feature in the HDMI is an audio return channel that means it can transmit a video signal upstream and receives the audio downstream.

By using HDMI, you can also access the online-based contents. The optical cable is the best way to transmit high-quality audio between the devices. When you use the HDMI, the cables are very reasonable and have a single wire which simplifies the setup. The HDMI can able to passes the high-resolution audio.

Final thoughts:

In case you want to connect the HDTV to your sound system, you have to finalize whether optical cable or HDMI is suitable.

The simple and best way is HDMI because it is very simple to set up. The audio cables are also suitable for many modern TVs. You can easily connect the optical audio output on the front of the TV to the optical input of the receiver. So you have to compare optical cables vs HDMI and choose the best.